Massdrei Event Referenz Lufthansa 02



Occasion: Lufthansa Passenger adventure with press conference and exclusive customer reception

Goal: Lufthansa with all product and service new units experienced first-hand

Location: Lufthansa A-380 hangar, Frankfurt Airport

Moderation: Alexandra Tapprogge and Florian Weber

Guests: Media representatives from Germany and abroad, top customers & distribution partners

Task: Event conceptual design; development show programme; organisation and management all trades; catering; space design; event structure; furniture & decoration; conceptual design and implementation of information world and entertainment world; stage set-up; invitation communication and guest management


Occasion: Lufthansa incentive for travel agents with the framework programme "Casting Stars"

Location: Lufthansa hangar, Frankfurt Airport

Moderation/Artist: Marco Schreyl, Janine Steeger, Gary & Gerry, Street Live, Anja Lukaseder, David Beier

Guests: 1,800 travel agent of various travel agency chains

Task: Concept, organisation and management of all trades; catering; space conceptual design; event structure; furniture & decoration; conceptual design information world and entertainment world; stage set-up; guest management system


Goal: Construction of a presentation wall/column to exhibit awards won by Lufthansa

Location:  Canteen area of the Lufthansa Aviation Center, Frankfurt and Lufthansa Basis, Frankfurt

Task: Draft, conceptual design and full implementation from initial idea to final completion of presentation modules incl. assembly and disassembly


Occasion: Lufthansa "Sponsor of the day" for Eintracht versus VfB Stuttgart match

Goal:  intense perception of Lufthansa

Location: Frankfurt - Commerzbank Arena

Main features:  17 promoters in use, 1,500 flyers distributed, 756 competition participants

Task: Conceptual design, design and production of giveaways, realisation, implementation, logistics, personnel planning, reporting


Occasion: Ski promotion Zillertal - Lufthansa brings winter sports enthusiasts to many ski resorts via the "Ski-HUB" Munich

Goal: intense perception of Lufthansa Munich as Mountain HUB, newsletter subscribers in source markets, branding of districts at on-site ski lodges

Location:  Zillertal Austria - Mayrhofen, ski area Kaltenbach and ski area Tuxer Gletscher

Main features: 124 promoters in use over eight weekends, 6,705 flyers distributed, 2,937 Lufthansa ski ducks and many other giveaways distributed

Task: Conceptual design, realisation, logistics, personnel planning, reporting



Occasion: Corso Leopold MUC - one of the biggest street parties in the world with 300,000 visitors

Goal:  intense perception of Lufthansa

Location: Munich - Leopoldstraße

Main features:  10 promoters in use over two days, 3,325 distributed flyers, 4,380 distributed Lufthansa giveaways plus 1,680 printed photos on site

Task: Realisation, implementation of wanderlust helper stand, logistics, personnel planning, reporting

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